3rd Party Energy Services

A Closer Look Home Inspection Services performs several types of Energy Inspection and Energy Audit services. Each service has a separate price based on size and other specifics of your building.

Building Energy Analysis

The Dallas Energy Code provides for a process to evaluate the Total Building Performance using software to establish the required energy efficiency for any building. This analysis then provides for tradeoffs between different components to meet the minimum requirements. Investing in a more efficient HVAC system can cover other components that may not meet the prescriptive requirements.

This tool can be used during the planning phase to build the most energy efficient building. This tool can also be used to take advantages of the code requirements to balance the total energy consumption package to meet the Dallas Energy Code compliance or if a problem arise at the end of the inspection process. We can generate the following energy reports; IC3, Res Check, Com Check, HERS and Manual J (Air Conditioning sizing)

Inspection Services

The Dallas Energy Code is based on the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. It was slightly modified to address our specific local hot and humid climate and building issues. The new code was adopted in April 1st 2011.  The Dallas Building Code requires at least two separate inspections to verify insulation installation and electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment installation. If the 1st inspection is not performed, then a Blower Door test must be performed and the ACH (Air Changes per Hour) must be below 7 ACH.

The first inspection(s) typically takes place when the exterior insulation is installed. For commercial construction, this typically means when the roof insulation is installed (roof deck or under roof) and when the exterior wall insulation is installed. Depending on your project, this may require 1or 2 inspections. The inspector will typically review the building plans at that time to make sure that the final building inspection meets the Dallas Building Code requirements once the other systems are installed.

The 2009 IECC also has some other requirements that should be noted.

  • All fireplaces need gasketed doors
  • All newly installed recessed lights need to the IC (Insulation Contact) rated
  • A programmable thermostat installed
  • Attic ducts rated at R-8 and sealed with mastic at all connections
  • HVAC piping insulated to R – 3
  • Hot water piping insulated to R – 2
  • 50% of all lights are dimmable or CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)

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