3rd Party Commercial Energy Services

Commercial Energy inspections are different than residential energy inspections. Commercial buildings have different occupancy types, energy use patterns and building code provisions. These differences creates different areas of emphasis to achieve energy savings. The current construction techniques of commercial buildings require inspections at specific times during the construction to verify energy code compliance.

The first inspection typically takes place when the roof insulation is installed (roof deck or under roof) and then when the exterior wall insulation is installed. Depending on your project, this may require 1 or 2 inspections. The inspector will typically review the building plans at this inspection to make sure that the final building inspection meets the Dallas Building Code requirements once the other systems are installed.

The last inspection takes place before the final electrical inspection and the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. The different building components are inspected to verify compliance. This includes the Building Envelope Requirements (roof, walls, windows, floors and recessed light fixtures), Building Mechanical Systems (HVAC equipment and ducting), Service Water Heating as well as Electrical Power and Lighting Systems.

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